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Who Are We?


Find out more about the studio and its ideals.

IB Interior Design is an interior design and decoration company that seeks to create beauty and make life easier for its clients through the optimization of their homes, premises or businesses, 

Isabel Batuecas is  the creative part of the company and is also involved in all phases of the project.

Depending on its size, we also have others   professionals. Industry experts, construction, architecture, painting, cabinetmaking, etc., as well as trusted suppliers who always offer us the best products, materials and furniture.

Our priorities
and goals.

It is not an easy task to set a priority since each and every one of the steps in a renovation are important, some are supported by others,  so if any aspect fails or is weak, the result will not be optimal. 

One of the important aspects in any remodelling is the lightning. It can be about enhancing natural light or complementing it with adequate artificial lighting.

Second, empathy is vital. We like to "listen" and feel like the future inhabitant of that house, like the customer of that store or the office worker, in order to internalize their needs and tastes and thus be able to offer them the best version of the space, where they can feel comfortable and happy.

Lastly, we do not conceive of our work without the idea of creating unique spaces, different, with personality. We seek  spaces  functional, comfortable, because we are going to live them, but also  we want to create beautiful, elegant spaces without missing some  original touches. 

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