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We carry out comprehensive or partial renovations in homes.

entrada al salon tabique.jpg

Comprehensive reform in household located

in Aravaca,


Comprehensive reform in household located

in Alcobendas,


 Comprehensive reform  in   apartment located

in Alberto Alcocer St., Madrid.

Comprehensive reform in   

  apartment located 

in El Rastro area,   


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Bernabeu Area
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Interior design of an event room in the Bernabéu area. Study of the company and its potential clientele to offer an interesting proposal to your business. Design of different rooms, bars, toilets, office,  reception... as well as a lighting studio suitable for professional activity.

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Nuevos Ministerios

Project and execution of comprehensive office remodelling in the heart of Madrid. Furniture design adapting to customer needs and the style of the new office.

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